Moisture monitoring system

All insulated products from Poliurs are equipped with two embedded alarm wires parallel to the steel pipe. In each joint, the wires are connected so that they form a loop, which is connected to an alarm unit. The presence of moisture can be detected by reducing the electrical resistance between the copper wire and the media tube. The position of the moisture can be identified by means of a pulse meter.

The alarm units can be local with single units for each loop or central with local units connected to a central unit. The devices can further communicate with a computer via copper or fiber signal cables, telephone, GSM network or internet. In this way, the entire district heating network can be monitored continuously from any location.

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With us, you will also find all the accessories needed for installations of district heating or cooling.


We use proven technology when it comes to material selection, production and installation. The products undergo a thorough inspection in accordance with our quality system ISO 9001 and they are EHP certified by RISE.


On all products we give standard warranty period of 5 years and we are backed up by a product insurance of 1mil Eur per case.

Pipes and fittings in the ground are exposed to loads of varying types and sizes, such as internal overpressure and thermal expansion. These loads must be calculated, and in some cases limited, in order for the system to have a long service life. (The limitations are described in EN 13941.) To facilitate the calculations, we have developed a unique computer-based software that our sales people are happy to tell you more about.

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