At the factory we have our own bending equipment for up to Dn150 in steel. The insulation for our bends is normally manufactured with a special high-strength foam, which means that motion-absorbing materials can often be excluded in heat-prestressed systems.

House entry
House entry bends

The connection bends are delivered with end protection at one end to prevent water penetration during the construction period. The alarm wire is jumpered outside the end cover.


T-pieces are delivered in an equally strong design unless otherwise stated. Special stress calculation for maximum of 25bar was made and is available upon a request.


Our long-term partner – Vexve is keeping a consignment stock at our factory, this gives us fast delivery time. Ground valves are delivered in a design according to requirements in EN 488, and are normally in a limit design. The alarm wire is jumpered outside the end seal. A number of compact valve units are included in our range.

Fix point
Fix points

The fixing point is made for casting in concrete chambers of, for example, quality K 250. For chamber size/dimension please refer to our Catalogue.


We use proven technology when it comes to material selection, production and installation. All works are done at our factory, without any sub-contractors – this helps us guarantee high quality.

Raw material undergoes a thorough inspection in accordance with our quality system ISO 9001 and they are EHP certified by RISE and QB19 certified by CSTB.

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