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SIA Poliurs ir dibināts 1995. gadā un ir vadošais rūpnieciski izolēto cauruļu ražotājs Baltijā.

SIA Poliurs rūpnieciski izolētās caurules.

The factory, which was founded in 1991 and has 85 employees, is located in Latvia and is supplying pipes to customers in Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and Spain.


We are certified by Bureau Veritas in accordance with the international quality standard ISO 9001. This means that quality is ensured at all levels, including our subcontractors who are evaluated every year. We have control over all aspects and ensure that deliveries meet both customer requirements and current EN standards.

Quality at all levels

ISO 9001 covers organization, division of responsibilities, routines, processes and resources. These include the following:

Raw materials and products

The raw materials are checked by sampling by both us and our suppliers. Products and equipment are also tested continuously to ensure that the requirements from customers, authorities and more are met. 100 percent of all alarms are tested so that the function can be guaranteed. In addition, continuous tests of foam density are performed for both straight pipes and fittings. The tests are documented and followed up and the products are labeled.


Every year, RISE performs two tests on district heating pipes in accordance with the functional requirements in EN 253 with regard to:

The results are documented in official reports. The steel welds are inspected at the factory by air tightness test or liquid penetrant test, and by a third party: X-ray in accordance with the requirements of EN 253, or in accordance with customer requirements, if these exceed the standard.

Our Quality and Environmental Policy

Based on client demands and marketing research, constantly improve production of goods and offered service quality and range. Analyze and guide company activity effect on environment according to legislation rules, constantly improving our own operation ecology efficiency.


Since its inception in 1991, Poliurs has worked to develop products that have as little environmental impact as possible.

We were the first to offer a freon-free PUR foam in Baltic Countries. Now we are first to use electricity from 100% renewable sources.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Poliurs has an integrated business system for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. It includes a control program for the external environment that describes the business, emissions and permits for emissions, inspections & controls, waste management and internal and external reporting to authorities. Once a year, the operations are inspected by the Environmental Administration.

Our environmental policy

By providing society with high-quality products that promote good energy management, we contribute to long-term sustainable development. We are also convinced that active and well-thought-out environmental work creates long-term competitiveness and strengthens our reputation among customers and the outside world.

We achieve this by:


In the production, different types of waste arise, which we have clear routines for how to handle.

If you, as a customer want to send back material left over from our products, we will of course accept it for a reasonable fee and process it as above.

Health and Safety

Regulated by Latvian Government and Poliurs is monitoring this matter by employing H&S certified inspector, who is continuously educating and monitoring processes.

Terms of sale

Here you can download our Terms of production, purchase, sale and delivery of goods in English or in Latvian.

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